Harfang integrates a debugger written in DearImGui. The debugger can be used to inspect, debug and profile many systems of the engine at runtime.

Use the [SetEnableDebugger] function to enable and disable the debugger. The debugger interface will overlay itself over your program output before each call to ShowFrame.

Engine systems

The debugger monitors the following engine systems.

  • Renderer: Statistics for the current Renderer.
  • Render system: Statistics for the current RenderSystem.
  • Texture cache: Display the content of the engine texture cache.
  • Geometry cache: Display the content of the engine geometry cache.
  • Material cache: Display the content of the engine material cache.
  • Log window: Display the engine log output.

Scene debugger

The debugger tracks all scene creation and deletion and keeps a list of available scene in the Scene debugger menu. You can select a specific scene to monitor or select the automatic option from the Scene debugger menu to track the last displayed scene.

The scene debugger can display the full scene tree, inspect and modify Node and their Component.