Getting Started


Software and hardware requirements.


How to install the Harfang library and its tools.


Short examples on various topics.


Troubleshooting issues with your program.

Getting Help

Where to find help.

API Reference

Script API Reference

Reference for the unified API shared by all supported scripting languages.

Reading the API

Types that compose the API and the way they are represented in the reference.

Using the API

Writing programs using the API in the different languages supported.

Harfang Manual

The File System

Describe the file system abstraction layer.

The Graphic Stack

All classes of the library graphic system and how they interact with each other.

The Audio Stack

Using the library audio system to playback sound and music.

The Input System

Enumerating and reading from the platform input devices.

The Scene

The way to efficiently represent complex 2D and 3D worlds with minimal efforts.

Multi-Threading Model

Inner workings of the library multi-threading model and its implications.

Resource File Format

Describe the file format of the library resources.

Toolchain Manual

FBX Converter

Convert FBX interchange format to the library resource format.