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HARFANG®3D builds real-time 3D tools for industry professionals. Its software suite is tailored to developers, designers and engineers aiming to efficiently and seamlessly develop, implement & deploy 3D solutions (HMI, VR/AR, simulation, interactive 3D), regardless of development language or platform constraints.


HARFANG®3D can be integrated into commercial projects & applications, while complying with their architecture


HARFANG®3D is suitable for use in sensitive environments & allows full control over resources and services used


The source code is easily accessible & available to any development platform, including custom environments

All-In-One 3D Editor

HARFANG® Studio is the ideal 3D editor for creating real-time scenes & animations that match your design vision. It can manage the entire 3D graphics production workflow in a simple and optimized manner, without compromising the integration in other development environments.

HARFANG® Studio’s philosophy is in line with that of HARFANG®3D engine: compliant, straightforward, fast & lightweight. Everything that runs in HARFANG® Studio is compatible with our Framework and its supported coding languages.



Ready-to-Use 3D Library

HARFANG® Framework is an easy-to-adapt, cross-platform, multi-language, powerful and optimized 3D visualization engine written in C++ and accessible via an open API in C++, or high-level programming languages such as Python, Golang, and Lua.

Allowing for faster development speeds, while facilitating integration with embedded systems, the Framework meets challenging industry requirements of real-time 3D : strategic independence, responsiveness, flexibility, interoperability & durability.



We're open source !

We truly believe in the virtues of the open source community and for that reason, we are convinced that sharing and contributing on our end is only a natural and logical endeavor. We wish for users to benefit from gaining control over their work environment, and HARFANG® is no exception.

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Polytech x Harfang Movida

A comprehensive tool and pipeline that makes your real-time 3D designs compatible with target systems even during the prototyping stage.


Easily manage and implement quality real-time 3D productions into operational systems, using your preferred programming environment.


Take advantage of a 3D software component fitted to the needs of the industrial sector, and fully embeddable into existing devices or on-board hardware.

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