All-In-One 3D Editor

HARFANG® Studio is the ideal 3D editor for creating real-time scenes & animations that match your design vision. It can manage the entire 3D graphics production workflow in a simple and optimized manner, without compromising the integration in other development environments.

HARFANG® Studio’s philosophy is in line with that of HARFANG®3D engine : compliant, straightforward, fast & lightweight. Everything that runs in HARFANG® Studio is compatible with our Framework and its supported coding languages.


Wysiwyg* graphics with a quality never reached by an industry compliant solution. What you see in Harfang Studio's 3D view is exactly what you will experience on your embedded hardware, in your VR headset, on your mobile device.

The simple yet powerful animation system makes it easy to create detailed 3D e-learning content, rich and complex 3D HMIs or even video games! The rendering pipeline offers a realism on par with the modern standards, using a realistic physical rendering and a truly real-time global illumination solution.

Harfang Studio is entirely written in C++, leveraging the most efficient paradigms of the video game industry to provide maximum performance. All technological decisions are made with the industry's constraints in mind.

*What you see is what you get

Designed To Be Open,
Engineered For Safety

Your real-time 3D projects require a rich and diverse toolchain onto which Harfang Studio plugs perfectly. Harfang Studio will adapt to the way you work, not the other way around.

No matter if your 3D is made with Blender, Autodesk 3DStudioMax, Adobe Substance... or if you develop on Visual Studio, VS Code, PyCharm or any other IDE ... Harfang Studio processes your assets in real time without any interruption of the production workflow.

Besides being an open system, Harfang Studio works in total isolation to guarantee the security of your data. No connection is required in the production workflow, no data is stored in the cloud.

Compatible with GIT, SVN, Mercurial...
No Cloud required
3D Edition

Manage 3D objects
Create & edit complex 3d scenes

Multi-Scene Support

Edit several scenes in real-time

3D Formats

Compatible with industry standard 3d
formats (FBX, GLTF, OBJ & more…)


Create intricate animations &
bring life to your models

Keyframed Shaders

Shader parameters controlled directly
within the timeline

Lightweight & High Performance

Unmatched C++ rendering performance
even on low-end hardware

Industrial Solution

HARFANG® Studio is built on top of the open-source HARFANG®3D Framework.

While HARFANG®Studio lets you create your 3D assets, HARFANG® Framework handles the runtime in C++, Python, Lua or Golang while leveraging their respective ecosystems.