We aim to free creators, developers and designers from the structural constraints of real-time & immersive 3D creation tools. By transforming the development of real-time 3D imagery in an industrial context, we hope to popularize their use beyond video game or entertainment purposes.


We are a team that draws on a diversity of experiences, from video games, programming, design, audio-visual production and engineering. We have all experienced the disappointment of exceptional 3D projects that cannot be completed because it could never be feasible outside of the prototyping stage, or simply ends because the tools no longer support the project.

HARFANG® was born from our need to quickly try out ideas in a high-level language while having access to state-of-the-art technologies. HARFANG® is written and maintained in-house by our team, accounting for over 15 years of experience in the video game and industrial sectors. We have been writing 3d engines and simulation software for longer than we can remember and still enjoy it as much as the first day!

3D visualisation is increasingly complex to implement due to heterogeneous equipment and environments. Help us bring 3D Human-Machine Interfaces to mass-market, and go beyond limited proof of concepts or flashy marketing material.