Ready-to-Use 3D Library

HARFANG® Framework is an easy-to-adapt, cross-platform, multi-language, powerful and optimized 3D visualization engine written in C++ and accessible via an open API in C++, or high-level programming languages such as Python, Golang, and Lua.

Allowing for faster development speeds, while facilitating integration with embedded systems, the Framework meets challenging industry requirements of real-time 3D : strategic independence, responsiveness, flexibility, interoperability & durability.

Multi Development Language Support

Development Framework

Creating UX/UI content in an industrial context requires a toolchain that provides the same level of version control and build automation as source code. Our open-source binding generator allows you to leverage the full power of C++ while coding in your preferred high-level environment, making HARFANG® adapt to your project, and not the other way around.

From the architectural principles to the choice of supported APIs, all technological decisions that drive the development of HARFANG® are oriented towards a balance between high-performance, modularity and portability.

Take advantage of a complete 3D component, and command line tools that integrate seamlessly to any make/build system. Depending on your architecture requirements, it may be built in static, as a DLL/DSO, or as a Python wheel and a Lua extension.

Multi Platform Win32 and Win64 x86 Aarch64 ARM Linux64 x86
Rendering Pipeline Low-spec PBR rendering pipeline High-spec 'AAA' rendering pipeline (SS GI & reflections) Support of user pipeline shaders
Virtual Reality VR support via OpenVR/SteamVR with Eye tracking Compatible with the HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Valve Index,
Lenovo Explorer, Oculus Rift S
Audio API Play & Stream WAV/OGG formats 3D audio spatialization
Multi 3D Back-End OpenGLES (Aarch64, Linux) OpenGL DirectX X11 Vulkan Wayland
Multi Language C++ Python 3 Golang Lua and more soon…
Scene API Node & component based Performance oriented
Physics Rigid bodies, collisions, mechanical constraints, ray casting

Open API
& Accessible Source Code

HARFANG® Framework is designed to be included in all your projects, at all levels and in all possible forms. For that reason, HARFANG®'s approach is based on openness and flexibility.

The Framework is compatible with a wide choice of programming languages (C++, Python, Golang, Lua and more to come) through our public API. In addition to the visual interface, a command line toolchain enables the automation of complex tasks or continuous integration. Furthermore, HARFANG® Framework SDK can operate independently of HARFANG® Studio.

Our source code is open-source under the GPL & LGPLv3 licenses and available for commercial use thanks to the commercial license, hence unencumbered of potentially compromising proprietary dependencies. Subsequently, HARFANG's code is easily auditable and ready-to-use in sensitive environments requiring compliant solutions.

Learning How To Code?

Get Started Easily with HARFANG® High Level

HARFANG® High Level is a set of simple functions that allow you to code faster, and to achieve results without needing to become familiar with the deeper notions of complex programming tools. Get familiar with the basics, and stay focused on your needs.

We publish a new tutorial every week, check it out!

Custom Solutions
& Services

Your industrial product relies on embedded hardware? We can help you implement the HMI component you need, based on your specifications, your hardware requirements and our technology.

We can help add a new dimension to your project, and cross the remaining miles to market by providing a complete package of software development, optimized 3D content creation, user studies and HMI interaction design expertise.

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