Frequently Asked Questions


What are the hardware requirements of HARFANG®?

The HARFANG® framework is designed to run on as many hardware configurations as possible. For GPU accelerated graphics an OpenGL 3.3 graphic adapter is required.

It is recommended, but not required, to use a multicore processor. HARFANG® ports exists for ARM and Intel processors.

The framework itself uses very little memory and a complete 3d graphic application should run with as little as 16 MB of memory.

For more details, please refer to this page.


How much does it cost?

The HARFANG® source code and prebuilt binaries can be downloaded for free under the terms of its license. You don't have to pay anything until you start to market a commercial product based using the framework.

For more details, please refer to this page.

Do I need to mention that my product is using HARFANG®?

Yes, but we only ask for a non-intrusive mention. A simple 'Using the HARFANG® framework' mention in the 'about' section of your product is enough. We do not require you to display a splash screen.

Is the source code available?

The complete framework C++ source code is available on GitHub, as per the terms and conditions of the HARFANG® source code license. Please visit the download page and click on the “Source Code” tab to download it.

Is it open source?

While you can download the HARFANG® source code for free, it is distributed under a proprietary license which cannot be considered open source in the same sense as the GPL or MIT licenses.

We created a custom license that allows you to either keep your modifications to yourself or make them available to everyone.

For more details, please refer to the complete text of the license.


Which language should I write my program in?

  • Python 3 using the Ookpy package. The Python programs using Ookpy can access the HARFANG® API as well as the myriad of other packages available for the language.
  • A standalone Lua interpreter embedding the complete framework is also available. This interpreter can be used to write programs in Lua with access to the HARFANG® API.

What kind of application can it do?

HARFANG® has been used in industrial simulation, visualization and game projects over the years.

Can I distribute my program as a standalone application?

  • Python programs using Ookpy should use a standard Python solution such as cxFreeze or py2exe.
  • Lua programs using the standalone Lua interpreter already have minimal dependencies therefore are easy to package and distribute.

OOKPY (HARFANG® for Python)

What are the supported Python versions?

Python 3.3 or newer is required. Prebuilt packages are available for Python 3.3 up to the latest version of the CPython interpreter.

Is it compatible with other Python implementations (IronPython, Jython, Pypy,...)?

SWIG is used to generate the HARFANG® binding for Python and at the moment only supports the CPython interpreter.


How to Contact us ?

You can contact us at Feel free to follow us on Twitter as well.